Breast Exposure in Hong Kong

Yes, I exposed my breasts in Hong Kong. At the airport to be exact.

It has been almost 2 weeks when we left the Philippines (our trip got delayed, more of that in another post) and the flight was quite an experience. It was a first for me and Blake. My first to travel with a baby and Blake’s first plane ride, ever.

It wasn’t easy, I swear. We had waaay to many bags and we were at a connecting flight (MNL-HKG-DXB). When we got to Ninoy Aquino International Airport, I went ahead to the OWWA/POEA booth to get my exit permit. Apparently they don’t entertain OFW’s who stayed in the Philippines for a very long time. I was told that they only give allowances to people who were on emergency leave or those who stayed for about 5 days or so. DOH!

I ended up paying taxes and what not. Then almost had a problem with the immigration. Luckily the officer let me pass (but he was a bit rude…like I owe him the world). I didn’t argue and just went on my way because Blake doesn’t want to stay in her stroller. I was carrying her around the whole time.

It was an easy flight from Manila to Hong Kong. Blake was breast feeding during take off and she just decided to smile and laugh with the other passengers during the flight. She’s so adorable. ;p

When we got to Hong Kong Airport, I had to get our stroller, put all the bags in there, carry Blake, go through all the formalities and then find our departure gate. I was so sure that they said Gate 26. We walked towards Gate 26 only to find out that they changed it to Gate 19! Once we got to our boarding gate, Blake decided that she wants to nurse. So, I exposed my breast in Hong Kong. Airport. Well, not the entire breast and not both at the same time. =D

I came prepared. I wore a nursing top from Milksense so it was easier to let the “boob” out without too much exposure. Sorry if you came to this post thinking that it’s something else. I just wanted to share that I am now comfortable breast feeding my child, even in public.

Hong Kong airport is very breast feeding friendly. Their baby changing rooms have separate “rooms” for breastfeeding.

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