Blake’s 5th Birthday

Ohaii beautiful people who still reads our blog! We’ve been really busy lately which explains the lack of updates. A very lame excuse for a blogger, yes – I know. 

I’ve missed this space so hopefully we can get ourselves a little more organized so we can post more on this blog. (We are active on social media though, so follow us on Twitter and Instagram!)

I can’t believe we are at the last few days of October!! It’s been more than a month since Blake’s birthday and I haven’t shared anything on here. 

Jollibee Party

Blake had 4 celebrations this year. Since A’s side of the family is having a reunion and a family dinner/birthday party for September celebrants, I decided to have a kiddie party in the Philippines with my side of the family. I wanted Blake to experience a Jollibee birthday celebration! [Jollibee is big back home so it’s something not to be missed!] 


I asked my cousins to help me out since I have very limited time. I’m so blessed to have proactive relatives! LOL. I didn’t have to do anything. I told them I wanted a Jollibee birthday package and a Twilight Sparkle cake. 

Blake’s Ninang (godmother), who is also my god-daughter — see what we did there? — arranged everything. She booked the venue and contacted the cake designer. Everything was perfect! 

Blake loved her cake! We got it from House Sweet Cakery (do check them out — very affordable and easy to work with). 


with the Bee!

The kids loved the games, the food and the mascot. I never had a party like this when I was younger so in a way this party was also for me. Haha!

The other celebration was at Four Seasons Hot Pot near SM Mall of Asia. That was the last family dinner before we all went our separate ways. 

Max’s Restaurant – UAE 

When we got back in Dubai, we received an invite from Max’s Restaurant to try their seafood specials. That was exactly on Blake’s birthday so we were so happy when the staff at Max’s made an extra effort to make our dinner memorable. This was totally unexpected and not planned but very much appreciated.


Aside from the seafood menu, we were also treated to the usual Filipino specials like Bulalo and Kare-kare. The sweet and sour hamour is my favorite as well as the Sisig Tofu (not in photo).


House Party

Finally, on that weekend, we decided to throw a simple house party. Cake was courtesy of Mommy Abi of Cuddles and Crumbs.


At first I only planned to invite a few people but with a big blogging family like ours, it’s difficult to keep it low key! So yeah, in the end it was a full blown party with karaoke till 2am!

Blake was so exhausted that she fell asleep on my chest. My baby is growing up so fast, I don’t want to miss an opportunity to let her be this close to me. I know someday this will stop. That there will be a last time but that time is not now. 


Dear Blake, 

I love you my bubu girl. No matter how old you get, you’ll always be my baby. Always. 
My only prayer is that you’ll grow up to be a smart, strong, independent, and respectful person. I can’t promise to be a perfect mom because there’s no such thing but I will do my best to not screw things up for the both of us. 

Mommy and Daddy loves you, darling. 


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  • Abigail

    Happy birthday, Blakey!

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