Beauty Tip Gone Wrong

This was originally posted on my other blog (which I don’t use anymore.) I still remember this incident like it was yesterday. HAH!!

Underarms and Lemon
May 1, 2007
You remember when people tell you that lemon (or kalamansi) can make your underarms whiter? yeah, they said that its very effective. And to be honest I’ve done that so many times (but the result? I dunno. looks the same to me.)
Yesterday was different though. I was already in the middle of my shower when I remembered that I got half a lemon sitting in my fridge. So I thought, why not?! It’s only half a lemon. Better put it to good use than let it spoil.
So, dripping and soap suds all over, I ran to the kitchen. Opened the fridge. Took the lemon. Went back to the bath. Turned on the shower. and then quickly rubbed the lemon on my armpits.
What I didn’t know was that the half lemon was covered with spilled achuete powder….
kamusta naman kili kili ko, mestiza. mamula mula.

* Achuete powder = Annatto powder
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