Bad Customer Service Can Ruin Your Day

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I had every intention to post very nice things about my day yesterday. I took photos. Lots and lots of photos. The place, the food, the people …. all of them photographed and saved on my phone and camera. 
When it was time to get the bill, we gave them a “staff card” (from a company that they are tied up with to avail of the discount…) This is how the conversation went (more or less):
Staff: “I’m sorry we do not accept that card.”

A: “But it was published in our company website that we have discount here.”
Staff: “After the brunch, you can use the card. But for brunch, the card is not valid.”

Me: “We were just here a few months back and we used this card for discount.” 
Staff: “No. That’s impossible. You can ask anyone here and they will tell you the same thing*”

Me: “What do you mean impossible? We were here…and we used it.”
By this time another staff came in and he was more polite. I told him that I didn’t like the way the other guy talked to me. Is he saying I’m a liar?
I know there could be a language barrier and he might have not realized the severity of what he said. I still think that he could have handled the situation differently. Why talk to your “paying customers” like that? You can just simply say that the policy has changed and we no longer acknowledge the card for brunch. Much better, yes?
I emphasize on the word paying customer because whether discounted or not, we are still paying for the offer. Also, I don’t mind paying full price. Just inform us that the policy has changed and that’s it. Don’t tell me that “it’s impossible”!
The day started out right. But bad customer service really ruined my day. I’m still unhappy with this.
PS. – I still love the place. Just make sure your staff are well trained and informed.
* – this is exactly how he said it! I really find it rude.


What makes up for bad customer service? Very good relations! Everything has been cleared and everybody is happy once again. 

The whole thing was just about wrong choice of words and miscommunication. Apologies were extended and accepted. Thank you for hearing me out and taking this matter positively.

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  • Sheila Sheila

    Ohh, I still can’t get over this! To think that I enjoyed my first visit tremendously.
    They took care of me and my family and we were very happy that is why we came back!
    Then this happens? #sigh

    May 25, 2013 at 6:22 AM Reply
  • Dr. Reginia

    Poor customer service sends me to level 10 each and every time.

    May 25, 2013 at 5:15 AM Reply
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