Baby Changing Room

I have never been in love with a baby changing room, ever. (ok, IN LOVE is a very strong feeling, but what the peck!)

However, I have not seen a baby changing room as pretty and efficient as this! This was taken in Mirdif City Center. It’s the one near the food court, beside the Krispy Kreme store.

I think this was the first time that we needed to use the baby changing room in this area before because I almost missed it. I saw the sign, (yes I opened up my eyes and saw the sign) but couldn’t find the door. LOL!
There was a green button below the sign, though. Silly me for not using that! I went inside the rest room looking for the baby changing area. Found none. Went back to the entrance where the sign was and decided to press  the button. Voila! The door slid open. LOL!
Picture above is the first thing you will see upon entering. (sorry for the blurry pictures). Spot the microwave oven (for heating baby food). There’s a sink too, for washing hands and utensils. Tons of waste bins (concealed) and sanitizer dispensers.
There’s a place for toddlers to play (at the left, partly shown in photo) and at the extreme left, there are two changing tables (like a long counter with a sink in the middle!)
I wasn’t able to take proper photos of the room, I felt embarrassed already (missing the door “button”…) But this room has more to offer. There are three other doors to open once you are inside.
That’s the breastfeeding area. Separate from the main room. Total privacy!! That green chair is sooo comfy for breastfeeding! The arms are just right.  
This is the rest of the breastfeeding room. With a sink! It was spacious enough to “park” our stroller inside.
One other room has its own “throne”. A big one for mommy and a little potty for baby. Neat!!
Mirdif City Center is now officially my favorite mall, if only just for this.

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