Saturday started just like any other day. “A” (aka the hubs) decided to drop me to work and get the car a/c fixed after. 
On our way down the Al Khan bridge in Sharjah, we were hit by this idiot  truck. We were on the right most lane while the stupid truck was on the left. He suddenly decided that he needed to exit the road going to Dubai – Sharjah road. This means he needs to cut in front of us or else he’ll miss his exit. 
And that’s exactly what the moron  other driver did. Turned right so quick that he would have hit the midsection of our car if A did not move fast enough. Luckily, A is very sharp when driving. He accelerated and then BAM! 
“A” inspected the damage and asked the driver: “you did not see me??”. Idiot Driver : No
The impact is not that hard. Actually the damage is just paint transfer for us. The truck’s headlight is damaged though. We parked the car, called the police and filed the report. Next, we’ll have to go to the insurance company, have the damage estimated and then have the car fixed. So much hassle just because this guy decided that he will make the turn last minute. 
Ok, maybe he genuinely did not see us and that he did a desperate move. What’s annoying is that when the police came, he insisted that it was OUR fault for not letting him through! He made a signal already and yet we did not let him through. WHAT?! 
Take note that this guy was happy to settle and give us 200 bucks for the damages, just don’t call the police. Well, I’m not comfortable that he can get away with his stupid move. I insisted that we call the police. Never mind that we have to go through the hassle. It’s his fault so he should be penalized for that. 
I’m just glad that Blakey was not with us that time otherwise I’ll be biting his head off!

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