AB&Me Travels: Warner Bros. Studio Tour

[This is part of our AB&Me Travels : US Trip last March 2015. I am in Dubai at the time of this writing]

Warner Bros VIP Studio Tour – 03.08.2015


I’ve put this off for some time now because I’m afraid I won’t able to do the post justice. This part of the trip is one of my favorites. I won’t bother you with a lot of words, instead I’m going to post tons of photos. 🙂


We arrived at the Warner Bros. back lot just a few minutes before our tour started. We were able to check out the souvenir shop before we were ushered to a small audio-visual room showing a short clip about Warner Bros. Then, we went outside to our cart to start the tour. 


The Gellar House

First gasp worthy location – the Gellar house. Friends fans, remember THE ONE WITH THE PROM VIDEO? That was shot here!! 


But wait, the Gellar house is also the house of Emily Fields from Pretty Little Liars! Yep, they just recycle houses for TV and movies! Cool right?


Mona Vanderwaal’s House – PLL

And this house is Mona Vanderwaal’s house in Pretty Little Liars. Do you recognize this house from other series too? I think this was also used in Gilmore Girls.


While some sets are actual houses, there are some that are just facades. Production people would just “dress” up the empty building fronts with what they need. A coffee shop, a bookstore .. anything. Then they just shoot as if the actors are going in a building.


That’s me, poking the wall. It’s not real! Do you recognize this building? It’s from Shameless … 


Alibi Room

Aside from showing us the houses/buildings, we also checked out displays from Batman, Harry Potter, My Fair Lady, Argo, etc! 


We also tried the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter. Apparently, I’m Slytherin. My sister is Gryffindor and my cousin is Hufflepuff.

Moving on, we went to the set of Big Bang Theory!! Too bad we were not allowed to take photos inside because they were still filming at that time (nope, there were not actors when we visited, it was just the set). They were filming this episode when we visited:

abme_Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory!!!

Here’s the highlight of our visit!! (At least for me…the people in the tour with us must think I’m crazy, I kept gasping and gushing once we were inside!)




see, crazy!!


That chalkboard is from the very last episode of the series. It’s amazing that they were able to preserve all of these (except for the food/fruits!! of course) and that I was able to see it with my own eyes!


The tour was definitely worth it. In fact, I would love to go on another tour again next time I’m back in L.A. Maybe visit during a weekday so we can see the studio in action!! 

VIP Studio tour costs $54pp. Definitely worth it if you’re a big TV/Movie fan.  


Have you been on a studio tour? Please share your experience on the comments!!

ps. more photos on my facebook page and instagram – #abmetravels. 

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