AB&Me Travels: Universal Studios Hollywood

[This is part of our AB&Me Travels : US Trip last March 2015. I am in Dubai at the time of this writing]

AB&Me Travels 03.05.15

AB&Me Travels: Universal Studios Hollywood1

Early on a Thursday we drove all the way to Universal City in Los Angeles. This area is owned by Universal Studios – one of the six major film studios in the US. This is where the theme park – Universal Studios Hollywood – is located. 


There is so much to see and do inside the theme park. I was so overwhelmed! On the other hand, B doesn’t want any of it. HAHA!! That was a disaster.

AB&Me Travels Simpons

It was like this pretty much the whole time.

She kept hiding from the costumed characters. 


But that did not keep me from doing my own stuff. (don’t judge!) Here’s Bart and Lisa signing my Surat Journal.


The theme park is huge and we did not have any specific plan so we just kinda strolled for a bit.  


I’m not really a fan of the Simpsons…It’s actually A who’s been following this family for so long. I’m just so happy for him. HAHA!


We were able to catch the studio tour after this. The waiting time was about 30 mins but it was worth it. We took our seats inside tram making sure that B was safe in the middle. I wish I could show you all the photos we took but unfortunately most of them are out of focus! HAHA. The whole experience was surreal and I had to keep reminding myself to take photos!


The tour basically took us to different “lots” inside the studio. (photo above is from the set of the movie Psycho – I remember watching this movie when I was very young, I can’t remember what happened anymore. LOL)

The best part of this was the KingKong 360 3D ride – it is the largest 3D experience ever. Imagine King Kong and a T-Rex fighting and you’re in the middle of it! 


We also tried WaterWorld – an intense stunt show. It’s just basically watching a show and trying not to get wet in the process. 


Then there was the Despicable Me Minion Mayhem. While waiting to get into the ride, we took the chance to get a photo with Gru and some minions!


Of course, B does not want to be photographed again!


^ This is my favorite photo! ^ 

Despicable Me Minion Mayhem is a 3D ride. It was a fun ride but I think Blake wasn’t ready for it. Her eyes were as wide as minion’s eyes! After the ride, we went to see the merchandise while Blake ran straight to Super Silly Fun Land

We stayed there for some time coz – 1) she deserved it — we were doing a lot of grown up stuff so it’s now her turn to enjoy and, 2) we were tired from walking. AHAH!

The last attraction we went to was Transformers 3D ride. We left Blake with my parents for some ice cream while my sis, Mr. A and I went in. We had to hurry because it was the last session for the day. They were already closing!!


It was awesome! I’m so happy that Mr. A was able to do this with us because he almost always doesn’t like going to these things. LOL. He’s a bit of a bore. Shhhh, don’t tell him I said that!


We ended our trip with dinner at a restaurant in CityWalk. For more photos, check my Facebook page!!

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