AB&Me Travels: Santa Monica Farmers Market & Pier

[This is part of our AB&Me Travels : US Trip last March 2015. I am in Dubai at the time of this writing]

Santa Monica – 03.07.2015

After a tiring day at Disneyland the day before, we planned to have a pretty much “easy” day so we met up with childhood friends and went to Farmer’s Market. My close friend – Ana – whom I’ve known since we were toddlers, suggested that we go to Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. 

abandme_santa monica_farmers3

After brunching at home, we drove to Santa Monica – Arizona @ 3rd street. We should have made more effort to go there earlier because the Farmer’s Market closes at around 1. We got there around 1130 am. 


The Santa Monica Farmer’s Market at 3rd St. Promenade is the longest and oldest certified organic farmer’s market. It was such a sight to see fresh, organic produce. Leafy greens all lined  up.

abandme_santa monica_farmers1

Strawberries came in different hues of red and in different sizes. The air was filled with sweet scent of fruits. I ended up buying some Bokchoy (Chinese Cabbage). Yes, that was it. Ha ha!! I couldn’t decide what to get coz I know I won’t be doing much cooking in the kitchen anyways. We already have our week pretty much planned out. 

abandme_santa monica_farmers4

Then we walked a couple of blocks to Santa Monica Palace. It’s a 3 – story, open air mall featuring designer shops and restaurants. I had some Teriyaki at Sarku Japan (at the food court). I kept calling it Sarky’s and my sister was like… whut? No wonder she couldn’t find the store when I told her to order for me. Ha ha!!

There was a lot of catching up with my childhood friends and their husbands while my mom watched B play at the indoor playground. My dad was keeping an eye on our baby boy – Milo. (I have yet to write about my sister’s dog!!) No pets were allowed inside the food court, unfortunately. 

abandme_santa monica_pier

After lunch, we walked to the pier. My parents and sister decided to stay behind and roam inside the mall (and eat their lunch!!). I found walking very entertaining. There’s a lot happening on the streets. There were performers every few meters. There was even a small petting zoo at the other side of the street on the photo above. There were some pythons, other reptiles and birds!

abandme_santa monica_place

Excuse my huge, tired face… 😀

We took photos, bought churros, rode the carousel and watched performers at the pier. It wasn’t spectacular but it was different, at least for me. I don’t see a lot of artists performing on the streets in Dubai so this is really an experience. 

We went back to the mall to fetch my parents. I found my dad holding Milo and talking to some girls! Ha ha!! Milo is definitely a charmer. My sis and mom went to buy some stuff so we waited for them.

abandme_santa monica_farmers5

Third Street Promenade  – an upscale shopping, dining and entertainment area in downtown Santa Monica. 

abandme_santa monica_prominade
It was an amazing day spent with friends. It was like we were never apart, only this time we have extended family. 😀 Thanks for taking us here!

And best part? My sister was able to convince my mom to buy me a charm to add to my Pandora collection. LOL. (I’ll do a separate post for that!) Thanks sis.. Thanks mom!! 
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