AB&Me Travels: San Diego Zoo

[This is part of our AB&Me Travels : US Trip last March 2015. I am in Dubai at the time of this writing]


San Diego Zoo

Early Wednesday we got on the car and set out to San Diego Zoo. It was more or less a 2 hour and a half drive from my folks place. 

The drive was pretty much straight forward, nothing to write about. Blake slept all the way. I listened to Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith songs while looking out for some photograph worthy sights.  (I did get some, but they did not make it to the blog. LOL)


San Diego Zoo is a 100 acre land which is home to over 3,700 rare and endangered animals. They don’t just keep animals, they also have about 700,000 exotic plants. 


Mission Statement
San Diego Zoo Global is committed to saving species worldwide by uniting our expertise in animal care and conservation science with our dedication to inspiring passion for nature.


It was fun showing B all the animals and she was so thrilled to see them in person. 


We have been to Al Ain Zoo before so she has seen some of the animals before but San Diego Zoo is so much bigger and has more species. I don’t even know most of the animals so I get excited too, every so often.

Like this Kookaburra … this reminded me of a TV commercial when I was little. LOL


I loved that they have guided bus tours where guests can just sit on the bus and listen to zoo guides. They have trivia and funny  commentaries that makes the tour more memorable. 


After our guided bus tour, we went back and collected B’s stroller and looked for some place to eat. (They have lots of dining options too!) Then we went on to explore some more. 

That’s where I found this guy :


We wanted to see the Giant Pandas but the line was so long that we just decided to skip it. Instead we went to see the polar bears. 


Ok, there are real polar bears at the zoo. I just wasn’t able to take a nice photo. I was so amazed to see this gigantic creäture take a dip and swim at the pool. There’s an underwater viewing area so you can actually see how they move.


We stayed here for while coz Blake enjoyed the bear den. We crawled inside together but as you can see, I don’t fit. LOL! 

Here are some more photos from our trip:




My sister, the photographer. 😛


This is Surat, the Rhinoceros. He got a lot of “likes” in my instagram account! 🙂


To know more about San Diego Zoo and the animals, visit their website – http://zoo.sandiegozoo.org/

We stayed in San Diego for a night and continued our trip to La Jolla Cove, Salk Institute and Old Town San Diego. 

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