AB&Me Travels: A day at the Beautiful City of Solvang

[This is part of our AB&Me Travels : US Trip last March 2015. I am in Dubai at the time of this writing]

City of Solvang – 03.09.15


Early Monday morning, we got on to two cars and drove to the Danish Capital of America. It was a about 2 hours and a half on the road but I wasn’t complaining. The drive was breathtaking. 



We arrived just a few hours before lunch time so we decided to just have brunch at a quaint restaurant that my sister has been telling me about. 


I wasn’t really hungry but the menu was so tempting so I ordered a mean Tuna Melt with some potatoes. Blake loves potatoes as much as I do so she finished that whole side serving. 😀


My sis also ordered pizza and pasta. The whole thing was just perfect with some wine but I resisted. We were still adjusting to the time shift so I didn’t want to be more wasted than I should be at the end of the day. 😀


Food. Wine. Fun – definitely lives up to their slogan!


Solvang /sunny field in Danish/ is such a pretty sight. 


A giant clog in front of a shoe store at the corner of Copenhagen street!

It is filled with Danish-style architecture that gives an “old” feel to the place (at least for me). The best way to describe it comes from the song A Whole New World!! 

A whole new world, a new fantastic point of view…


Every turn a surprise (every moment, red-letter)… you can find antique stores in every corner. Don’t be afraid to go in narrow alleys … 


A whole new world, a hundred thousand things to see …. flower beds line shop fronts which makes the view even more appealing. 


Unbelievable sights …


Indescribable feelings … (I’m sorry, I think I’m still at a high from Disneyland .. LOL)


Windmills complete the feels!

After a lot of walking, some ice cream, and souvenir shopping, we decided to drive back home.


But we made a little detour to take some more photos of these stunning views. We actually had a lot of fun on that rail. (check out my instagram for more photos!!)


Will definitely visit this place again when I’m back in Cali. It’s so picturesque. 

Have you been to Solvang? Tell me your experience on the comments below!

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