AB&Me Travels: Day 2 San Diego Trip

[This is part of our AB&Me Travels : US Trip last March 2015. I am in Dubai at the time of this writing]

Day 2 of San Diego Trip

Our day looked like this:

Looking at this map now, I can say that we did not really plan our day. LOL! I can’t remember why we did our trip this way.. seems like a waste of time driving.

We should have started with Old Town, La Jolla, Salk Institute then drove back to Anaheim. But, we probably had good reason for doing it the way we did (and I can’t change it anyway so there’s really no point in bringing it up. haha!!)

La Jolla Cove

la jolla cove_abandme001_20150312

From our hotel, we drove to La Jolla Cove. This place is a protected area being part of a marine reserve. The plan was for just a quick stop and take photos. 

My mother dearest didn’t want to get out of the car. I had to argue that we don’t always go out like this and this is a beautiful creation from the higher beings. She should share this experience with her grandchild. 


She got out of the car and she was not disappointed. The place is beautiful. I could have stayed there for hours!


We were especially thrilled to see a mother sea-lion and her pup sharing an intimate moment with the world. Blake was so happy  to learn that even animals drink milk from their mommy. 

Blake is a breastfed baby so anything about breast and breast milk excites her. LOL

la jolla cove_abandme002_20150312

It was breathtaking. I’m so glad I was able to convince mom to see this. Looking at the photos makes me want to take deep breaths. It is THAT good.

la jolla cove_abandme005_20150312

Salk Institute

While planning our trip, my sister convinced me that we should stop by Salk Institute. I wasn’t really interested but the sister was begging me to go because she wants to take photos of the buildings. 😛

salk institute_abandme002_20150312

She really is impressed with the architecture of this place. While the institute is more known for its research facilities and impressive accomplishments, my sister – who is a student of architecture – was more excited to see the buildings. 

salk institute_abandme003_20150312

I’m not gonna bore you with the details but you can read more about it here: Salk Institute Architecture

salk institute_abandme001_20150312

I’m not gonna lie. I was feeling meh when we went there. We literally left my parents and Blake inside the car because we didn’t plan on staying long. Just a quick peek and a few photos. 

salk institute_abandme004_20150312

But while there, I was impressed. I was kinda hoping to meet scientists but was afraid to ask so I just took a photo of this tree. LOL.

Old Town San Diego

old town SD_abandme001_20150312

After Salk Institute, we went back to Old Town San Diego. 


There’s a lot to see in Old Town. We actually didn’t know what to do or where to go. We went in one of the first shops we saw. My sister is also addicted to tea so the first purchase is obviously tea. 

When we got out of the shop, we saw a group near the entrance of one of the houses. My sister and I decided to join them, you know…follow the crowd. We then realized that we were in a guided tour. LOL. 

It was too late to back out so we just went along. To date, we still don’t know if that was a paid private tour or not. It was a good call though. I learned a lot about San Diego and the whole of California through that tour. And it reminded me of my short stint in tour guiding back in the Philippines. 

Whaley House


The Whaley house is named the most haunted house in America. There were different kinds of house tours – daytime tour, nighttime tour and even ghost hunting tours.   I got curious so I convinced everyone to go in. Of course I’m not going in by myself! LOL.

I was a little creeped out. I mean it is a really old house with really old furniture. I asked the kind lady assigned at the house if there are ghosts or if she has felt any paranormal activities in the house. She said sometimes there are “noises” and “shadows” but nothing majorly scary. 

The house has a lot of history and you can read about that here: Whaley House.

old town SD_abandme009_20150312

After the haunted tour, we walked some more and checked out the old town market then had our dinner at a mexican restaurant, of course. 

We then got on our car to head back to Anaheim to get a good night’s rest before our big day at Disney California Adventure!


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