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Top Searches October

Woo hoo!! Winter is coming. LOL! I am loving the weather now in Dubai. The nights are cooler. Soon enough, we won’t be using the A/C  anymore.  I am still in the desert so I’m not going to experience snow anytime soon so I’m just going to post a very “cool” photo (not mine, by the way. Got it from Canva.com) 

Anyhooot, Here’s my top searches for the month of October. (I skipped a month because the search terms are almost the same anyway.)

  1. how to apply for turkish visa in dubai – this search will take you to my post: How To Apply for Turkish Visa for Filipinos in Dubai
  2. pcg dubai, philippine passport renewal in dubai, philippine consulate dubai passport renewal – these searches will take you to my post : Philippine Passport Renewal in Dubai 
  3. sleek lipstick plush – this will take you to my swatch of Sleek True Color Lipstick
  4. cocoa butter – I did a post on Vaseline Cocoa Butter Range
  5. blue heaven lip balm – I also did a post on these Cutey Lip Balm
  6. passport releasing in dubai – the searcher must be looking for Philippine Passport  Collection in Dubai
  7. requirements for passport extension in dubai – Unfortunately, I do not have this information on the blog so not sure how the searcher landed on my site. Hehe
  8. passport releasing dubai june 2014 – Also, I don’t publish passport releasing schedules so … 
  9. how to have turkish visa if you have philippine passport – see link on point number 1. 😀
  10. tresemme shampoo for rebonded hair – erhm, I don’t have a post on this. Sorry. 😀

I noticed that my posts on how to get passport renewed and how to get visas are getting a lot of hits. I hope the readers are getting the information they need and good luck! 😀

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