To Family, To Friends, to Life – here’s to being 40

They say life begins at 40, if that’s the case, consider me reborn. Today I turn 40. Here’s to being 40 with Family, and friends.

To Family



Last year, we achieved a milestone in our family, we celebrated my mother’s 60th birthday. We are a global family, so last year’s celebration is a big thing for us. After more than 20 years, we all managed to be in one country, one place at the same time. My family wanted to celebrate my 40th in the same way but the schedule doesn’t work for everyone in the family and the cost is just not practical.

To Friends

Al Aryam Camping

The last 2 years gave more friends and acquaintances here in UAE than the first 14 years I have been here. I did not expect that social media can bring real social connection. I know more people because of this blog. I’ve met a lot of like-minded people who are very good story tellers, whether it be travel, food, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. The one thing that is common is the passion and the love to tell stories.

Looking back at the things I’ve done

I’ve had a colorful life. We lived in 3 cities before I moved to UAE. Most of my childhood was in part of the Philippines that is considered as notorious. Lets just say that I support President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s war against illegal drugs.

Immediately after high-school, we moved to the south of Manila. When I look back to what I wanted to achieve when I was in high-school, I can say to myself, “well done“. I did achieve what I wanted when I was younger. To have a loving family, a stable job, a car, a house.

In fact, I am happy that I was even able to achieve more. I was able to travel to different countries. I was able to stay in high-end hotels and eat fantastic dishes.

Looking forward

Just because I have achieved what I set for myself doesn’t mean it’s enough. At 40 my goal is different. Now my goal is for my family … for my kids. I have to make sure that they too achieve their own goals, to protect them from uncertainties of life. Here’s to family, to more friends, to living longer and healthier and to 40 years more.

40th Birthday

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