2016 – Day 1/366

It is tradition to stay at home and have a small feast on New Year’s Eve. Just like the years before, we stayed at home while waiting for the fireworks to be shown on TV. We’re not that brave to watch the show live. Also, I really think its much better to watch it at home where you can see a better view of all the fireworks (whereas when you’re actually there, you only see a part of it.)

However, I didn’t really feel like celebrating after hearing the news that The Address Downtown was on fire … a few hours before the fireworks show!! We were glued to CNN, watching as the story unfolds. At midnight, we stepped out of the balcony with our bubbly and shouted “Happy New Year!!” to everyone who can hear us because that’s what your supposed to do, right?

My friend Kaycee told Blake to start jumping so she would grow taller. Blake started jumping with great vigour. After a while she said:

I’m not getting any taller! This is not working!!” 


I knew right then and there that it will be a good year. 😀 

First day of the year, we decided to go to Dubai Miracle Garden. Not my smartest idea, I know. There were hordes of people trying to get in. I decided to google Dubai Butterfly Garden — it’s just around the corner. We walked towards the direction my gps said only to find out a longer line … more people!! Of course, there’d be more people there. It’s a new (ish) attraction. Well, maybe next time. 

We circled back to Dubai Miracle Garden entrance and took some photos. It was exhausting trying to find a shot without other people in it. 😛


I took close-ups of flowers instead. 


After spending some time inside, we decided to go buy a tub of ice cream and watch Star Wars at home (We have been binge watching since before Christmas). So yeah, the first day of the year isn’t as productive as I would want it to be but, I did get a nice moment with A and B. That’s enough for me. 

I don’t really do resolutions anymore since I have long realized that I am the type who doesn’t really follow through. But for the sake of accountability, I will write some of my goals for 2016. Let’s go back to this post at the end of the year and see the progress. 

For 2016

  1. I want to write more. Focus more on this blog. Share without over sharing. I realized I haven’t sharing as much about B and stuff that has happened in the background. I actually stepped back so I can find balance in my social (media) life and real life. I’m a work in progress. 
  2. I want to redesign the blog, a more gender neutral theme. 
  3. I want to travel more. 2015  gave us two major trips and that is a first in my 13 years in the UAE. I am happy to be in this situation where I can now enjoy (somehow) my salary. [read about our US and Switzerland trip]
  4. I want to save / invest more. The first 2 quarters of the year is always easy because we get bonuses (lucky to be in a company that is generous). Just like last year, I would invest as much I can during the first 2 quarters following the Truly Rich Club way. 
  5. Talk about my investments — not to brag but to maybe help those who are interested to learn stocks. I am still a newbie and I am still learning but I am happy with my portfolio at the moment. 
  6. Answer my emails timely. And learn to say NO to invites that doesn’t really benefit my blog. I made this blog not to get freebies. This is for me, at least when I started it was for me. I didn’t intend for this blog to be about reviews and sponsored posts (of course, I am grateful to companies and PR agencies who have trusted me with their brands). I want to go back to writing about me but also to work more with other brands that I love — find balance on those two, I guess, is the goal. 
  7. Another baby, hopefully. I want Blake to have a brother or a sister. Someone who will have her back when I’m long gone. I want her to have what I have with my siblings. We all grew up together and even though we fought a lot when we were younger, we can’t imagine a life without each other. (Maybe I should start writing about them here no? LOL)


I guess the last one is the biggest thing for us in 2016. I’m nearing 40 and while I know it’s just a number, I don’t want to risk having another baby when I reach that age. 

Anyway, it’s getting late and I need to retrain B to sleep and wake up early. The school break has messed up her sleeping pattern again. Wish me luck!


2 out of 366 done. We just stayed at home today. It’s a no shower kind of day. :p You know that Bruno Mars song [Lazy Song]Today I’m not doing anything … yep, it’s that kind of day.  

Back to work tomorrow! 

I promise I will shower tomorrow. 😛

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