10 Days Away

My baby girl is turning 2 in ten days! What? I still can’t believe its happening so fast. We still have no plans for her birthday. As usual, I am still contemplating if we should throw her a big party or just a small kids get together thing like what we did last year. (We’ll probably end up doing the latter).

B is very much interested in what’s going on in the kitchen nowadays. She would insist on helping to “koook” especially if there are eggs involved. LOL!

So for her birthday, I am hoping to get her this:


photo credit: ikea


It’s perfect, isn’t it? Of course I’d have to get her other stuff as well … likes pots and pans but I’m sure there are cheaper alternatives rather than buying everything from IKEA. Actually, I was hoping that we could make the kitchen set for her. As in build it by ourselves just like what the Petersik’s did for their darling ClaraBut we have no talent in this area, plus we only have a hammer and lots of duct tape at home so … 

I really wanted it to be personalized coz I’m sentimental like that. I really am loving these:


photo credit: young house love

photo credit: baby andoo

and so much more!!

I want to develop B’s interest in the kitchen. Who knows, she might be the next master chef! Look at how much she enjoyed playing with it when we went to the showroom …


I remember that as a kid, I also used to play with kitchen stuff that my mom bought for me. They were these really nice clay pots that I can actually use to cook (with supervision, of course). The problem is that these toys are fragile so it did not last long with me. hehe!


photo credit

Ahhh, to be a kid again.

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